199 - Blue Lagoon

199 - Blue Lagoon

You will enjoy the contemporary time-saving construction process.

No initial triangles to be cut! No bias seams to be sewn! You will only work with squares. The same amount of fabrics will make a lap quilt or a bed runner.

This quilt pattern works best if a range of values is being used. Values are best seen in relation to the other chosen fabrics. Half of the required fabrics should be on the lighter side, the other half on the darker side.

Finished Sizes:
Lap and Throw: 45.5" x 60.5"
Bed Runner: 25.5" x 95.5"
Table Runner: 15.5" x 55.5"
Skill Level: Intermediate
Category: Lap Quilt / Bed Runner / Table Runner / Pieced Quilt Pattern

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